The Studio

This section is undergoing a revamp as Nicola has recently moved to a lovely new little studio within Gorse Hill, Swindon.

Some very fond goodbyes were said to The Old Chicken Shed Studio as it provided an incredibly comforting, secure and inspired location for Nicola to establish her tattoo career.

The new Studio is fully sterile, fully licensed, fully insured and strictly adheres to all health/hygiene standards and regulations. The Studio space still has Nicola's eclectic flair and provides a very welcoming, cosy space giving clients a comfortable and relaxing tattoo experience.  Nicola guarantees that all clients will be looked after throughout their tattoo journey; from your initial contact, the tattoo creation and through to your aftercare needs. The Studio is located in a secluded part of Gorse Hill where clients are assured of complete privacy. And, being by Appointment Only, there are no walk-in interruptions or appointment bookings as this is all processed online, therefore Nicola's full attention is with just one client at a time, to give the client the very best tattoo experience.

Please come back to see the updates!

"Once upon a time... there was a girl,
a creative girl called Nicola, who liked to draw and paint and decorate people's bodies! After studying Fine Art - Drawing Discipline at Swindon College, singing with the little birdies and dancing with deer, Nicola longed to discover her artistic niche.
But one fatal day while contemplating her future, Nicola dramatically fell into the evil clutches of the soul-crushing-corporate monster. Da da daaaa!
But all was not lost, for Nicola quietly and secretly held onto her pencils and paintbrushes, keeping her creative flame alive under the moonlight hours.
Until one day... Nicola was aghast at the realisation that no handsome (and rich) Prince was going to rescue her from her 9-5 plight. Alas, she was going to have to be the hero of her own story.
Suddenly without warning or hesitation, Nicola painfully cut herself free from the thorns and hooks of corporate culture and and bravely fled from a life half-lived.
All alone, lost and longing for the comfort of creative passion and fulfillment, Nicola was inspired by the delicate nudges of little whims to play her artistic curiosities into becoming a professional Henna artist.
After many successful years of adorning beautiful bodies with temporary creations, Nicola decided to level up and venture into the realms of permanent ink. And it is here, in all its promising glory that Nicola finds her
'...Happily Ever After' Ahhhh xx 
A treasure chest of colourful, creative, and challenging days full of sparkle, riches and joys she never could have imagined".


Based on a true story, Nicola began tattooing in 2013 and continues to this day to refine and develop her tattooing techniques and creative style.


...and she has found her handsome Prince...
little Buddy the cat, of course!

Nicola's artworks are available to
view and buy here xx

Nicola King

Nicola King arting, playing the paintbrush... composing Green Tara xxg