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Services Temporarily Closed...

Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak and Government restrictions to contain the virus, I have taken the very heavy decision to close my little Tattoo Studio until the 6th April, where I will make an informed choice then whether to re-open or remain closed.

Although the government have not yet specified Tattoo Studios to close, as a business owner, my main objective at all times is to ensure the safety and wellness of my clients.

With tattooing, hygiene and medical grade disinfection processes are the standard day-day practices for me, however, these are unprecedented circumstances, and I take very seriously the government drive to contain the virus and protect the vulnerable.

The closure also includes my Studio Open Days that were due to be held on March 27th/28th/29th.

What next...

This is indeed a surreal time for us all, and yet I remain pretty optimistic and positive for the future.

For me personally, many of you who already know me, will know I revel in self-isolation anyway, it's my forte!

I plan to use this time to refine my business and tidy-up all those lose wiggly ends you never get round to doing - and update ALL the tattoo images on my website with work I haven't shown for the last 2 years!!! That means I have 8000 images to go through and sort...... oh my!

This will include lots of breaks to have playtime with my boys (Buddy the cat, Bundy and Benji the pigs, Noah the Budgie and.... my new baby Moose the bunny - oh he sooooo lully).

I am also so grateful for this downtime, as I can now properly focus on Painting... it's my first true love, yet is always relegated to the last task, so I will relish using this time to reshuffle my priorities in life and get the momentum going with my art work. Exciting times really.

As for the future of my tattoo business...

I can't help but chuckle that the month I decide to come back to work, within 3 weeks I have to close again!

Like everyone else, I am going to struggle keeping things afloat during this time... I will look for the opportunities, go with the flow and be adaptable to any changes that arise, but I do live on my own and my personal expenses like rent and utility bills must take priority over any business expenses.

So...... here's where you guys really can help me out...

  • I will continue booking all tattoo appointments with dates available from July.

  • DEPOSITS ARE SO IMPORTANT FOR ME RIGHT NOW. By still taking deposits for appointment dates, this helps me to pay for my studio expenses like rent / supplies / utility bills. I have to try to earn £780 a month, this is the lowest amount I need to make to cover all costs and keep me going!

  • I will keep ALL deposits exchangeable throughout the rest of this year - if you still want to book a tattoo with me, you will NOT lose your deposit and it can be carried over as many times as we need to re-schedule.

  • I will be releasing new Pre-designs up for grabs and will issue 25% off the marked price to pay on the day of your tattoo session, when you book and send your deposit, as a sincere thank you for your support during this time and helping a girl out xx

  • I also hope to create some artworks, tiny and large, to see if that helps to keep things ticking over.

I am also very open to receive any suggestions or feedback with my business at this time... just hit me up with your ideas.

I guess that is everything for now xx and we'll see how all this plays out.....

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves and each other xx

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