Errr...Where did she go....?

Why hello there my lovelies xx

Gee...Golly where do I start!

Ummmmmm....I would love to tell you all that my sudden disappearance from the tattooing work was a result of a kidnapping by Goblins! Or, that I was recruited for a secret Treasure Island adventure... or preferably, I was whisked off by an adoringly handsome Prince Charming! Alas, my woeful story (pitty me please lol) is not anywhere near as exciting... or I fear even interesting! And, as a result, has made writing this "comeback" blog post rather uninspired to say the least.

I'm really not sure what to say other than, 2019, to put it bluntly, was a bit of a shit-storm! I had no choice but to down tools and try to gallantly navigate my way through life's rough seas, and try to land myself into a more balanced and peaceful 2020.

  • My Health I will be coming back to tattoo work VERY SLOWLY and from February will only be working 1-2 appointments a week. This means very limited availability for now.

  • Social Media I'm still shy'ing away from Instagram so's not overwhelm myself (I'm a sensitive bunny!) but in the meantime all updates will be through my website and this fancy new blog.

  • Custom / Cosmetic / PreDrawn Tattoos: All these services are available for 2020, including a PreDrawn 'Mix'n'Match' offerings - coming soon - exciting! Amazingly, there was one bit of good news from last year and that is I am now a fully qualified Brow technician (yay) and taking bookings right now my lovelies!

  • How to book an appointment: I'm changing how I work this year and my appointment books will be staying OPEN - they will not be closing! The Online Booking Form will be available from the 1st March. Bookings are still made through my website via the Online Booking Form.

  • Lastly, I have a new little Studio! I said very fond goodbyes to the fabled Chicken Shed xx I learned so much there, but after stripping my life back to its bare bones, I knew I had to move on to help me butterfly into someone new and to make way for more authentic, nourishing and inspired opportunities. You will now find me tucked away in Gorse Hill in Swindon... and 'Open Days' will be coming up soon!

Please feel free to leave a comment below if there is anything more you would like me to share / talk about / discuss... and about anything, not just tattoo related. I've had quite a journey and happy to share details if you're interested! I would love to use this blog as a way of reaching out to you in a more conscientious and attentive way xx

Lastly, here's to a Light and Happy 2020 folks. I sincerely wish you all the most nourishing and creative of years xx

We got this xx

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