Coronavirus update...

Appointments are going ahead until further notice:

Considering the latest Government advice to avoid all social gatherings, I have taken the decision to keep all my current tattoo appointments until further notice.

If this changes, I will be contacting all booked in clients personally to re-arrange appointments. Your deposits are safe during this time and will be carried over.

Clients who wish to reschedule, this is not a problem, please do contact me asap to arrange another appointment. Again, your deposits are safe and will be carried over.

I want to make clear that I want all my clients to feel safe and comfortable, so if your circumstances change or you just don't feel comfortable, and you want to rearrange your appointment, even if it's the night before or the morning of your appointment, please just get in touch - this is totally OK.

May I ask clients still attending their appointments to not bring any friends along with them, to reduce risk.

I will also ask clients to be washing their hands regularly and masks are available if requested.


Studio Open Days:

I have Studio Open Days on the 28th/29th/30th March... Please keep checking back here for updates, as it is likely this may not go ahead, however I will make a formal decision on the 26th March.

Bookings and Appointments:

As many of you know this is a testing time for small businesses.

I am still taking bookings for future tattoo appointments.

I have reserved May / June for current rescheduling and will therefore have appointments available from July on-wards.

Deposits help me and my business to stay afloat during this time - so my heartfelt gratitude and thank you to you all for your support. ALL deposits taken from March until the end of April will be safe and carried over if you need to reschedule.

Social Media:

As you know, I am not on any Social Media, so I will be posting all updates regularly on my Blog. Please feel free to comment... any question or concerns I will happily address. I love receiving all your chatty and messages of kindness too!!

I will also be posting on my blog any cancellation dates that are up for grabs!!

Available Cancellation Dates and Pre-Drawn Designs:

I am anticipating a large number of cancellation dates to come available over the new few weeks... therefore I will be ramping up my selection of available Pre-drawn designs over this time, and will be offering reduced rates for all pre-design bookings, to help keep my business swimming.

Please visit my Pre-Drawn Tattoo designs page for further information and the latest available dates!


Thank you for taking the time to read this information xx

Whilst we ride this wave of unknown and unpredictable territory, it is important to be flexible to change and be patient, considerate and kind with each others needs and responsibilities xx

Wash them hands kiddo's and look out for each other innit xx

Much love xx Nic xx

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