Coronavirus... err, all illness' and tattooing...

With all this Coronavirus thing going on , I'd like to take this opportunity to inform all clients, either already booked in or thinking about booking in, to please consider the following information below:

Standard Practice:

The information I'm sharing here is not just in light of the new Coronavirus outbreak but is STANDARD PRACTICE with regards to your tattoo appointment and any illness. These rules are for life, not just for Coronavirus.

Please cancel your appointment... yes I mean that:

If you are feeling under-the-weather, or have any cold/flu symptoms please get in touch so we can arrange another appointment. This applies even if a family member is unwell, no matter how mild the symptoms or late in the day you are contacting me.

This bit is for you:

With any cold/flu/illness your immune system is compromised. Having a tattoo whilst unwell places too much pressure on your body for optimal healing. This can result in your tattoo taking longer to heal, and will likely heal 'patchy' or increase the risk of ink drop out. More importantly you are also more susceptible to infection.

STRESS is also an important factor to consider when getting a tattoo, particularly during this time. Fear for the unknown and unpredictability of this Pandemic will have an impact on your body's nervous system causing stress and cortisol to be released and will affect your ability to receive and heal a tattoo. Skin can 'clam-up', resist ink, and take longer to heal, so please monitor your stress levels and feel free to re-schedule if you are uncomfortable in getting your tattoo at this time.

You will also not get my best work! If you are more sensitive to the tattooing process due to illness you will be fidgety / uncomfortable / taking longer breaks / coughing and snivelling... these are all little interruptions to me being able to concentrate and do my best work.

This bit is to consider me:

I am a self-employed small business owner, and if I get ill, I don't receive statutory sick pay.

We are in close contact for a number of hours, so if your poorly, I'll get poorly, and likely to result in 2-3 weeks of cancelled appointments.

On a more personal note, I am still recovering from a serious bout of the Glandular Fever virus, that has taken me well over a year to start to heal. Please avoid risking my health or work just for the sake of keeping your appointment.

What you can expect from me:

I pride myself on maintaining extremely high hygiene standards at the studio Every. Single. Day.

To keep my impeccable standards and ensure every client is looked after during this time, I will be asking clients to wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival at the studio and to leave their coats and outdoor wear in the coat-rack area. As we are in close contact for the session, I do have masks available if you wish to use them, please just ask xx

It goes without saying, but if I am unwell, I will re-schedule appointments to my next available dates.


If you do need to re-schedule, I will carry over deposits for the time being. I have plenty of dates available for re-scheduling. Please contact me at

In summary:

Be well. And whilst this Coronavirus is in full swing, please wash your hands before arriving to the studio.

If you arrive with a Cold/Flu symptoms, I will turn you away. I cannot perform the treatment on you. This is to safeguard you as the client and to protect myself as the professional tattooist I am.

.Thank you for your understanding xx

Be safe and kind to yourselves xx

With love xx Nic xx

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