• Nicola King

Boris said...... yesssssss!!!!!!

Wasn't expecting that little snippet of news today! Only realised after my texts and emails started going mental.....

So, as of Monday 13th July I can now emerge from my well-nestled burrow and re-open my little Tattoo Studio and see you lovely clients again. Yay xx Feels like the end of an era... things are going back to some sort of estranged normal, get back on that hamster wheel.... at least Boris waited for Mercury in Retrograde to be over first before allowing us back - kids got spirit. Nod.

Alas, don't get ahead of yourselves my ducklings... I now have the arduous task of booking you all existing clients back in which will take some time. Here's my plan:

  • I will start contacting existing clients who were previously booked in and have already paid deposits from Monday 13th.

  • No sooner! this was a surprise announcement and I still have shit to sort out, stuff to clean and to get ready at the studio beforehand. So I will not be answering texts/emails until then.

  • I also wanna get my head back into the right groove ready for you all.

  • I am going to be rusty-as-fook!!!!! No joke, I haven't tattoo'ed for four months and before then was very sporadic as I have been off poorly for nearly a year! I therefore have a return-to-work strategy: - I will first book in only SIMPLE, EASY, SMALL tattoos to start. - There will be a lot of faffing while I get used to working so tattoo's will take a little longer than normal. - I will then prioritize Cosmetic clients for obs reasons!! - EDIT - Sorry, but Cosmetic Tattoo services are not yet allowed under the current Government guidelines. - Larger tattoos will be at the end of the list - sorry folks. - I will of course get you ALL booked back in.... and I know you'll all be bloody fabulous in being patient while I work through this - really very much appreciate that lovelies xx

  • Also, just to make to aware, I am coming back to work PART-TIME hours. This is due to health reasons folks! I will plan to work Wednesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays for now and see how this goes. Please understand that while I'm back to work, I'm still figuring this all out myself on how my health will manage this, so it's just gonna have to be a suck it and see approach for now. I really don't wanna be feeling shit and tattoo'ing... again, this wont be fair on either of us xx

  • Lastly, I am NOT taking any NEW appointments. I have at least 3 months worth of clients to get through and I want to make sure all is clear on the Covid scene before committing myself to future bookings. I don't wanna ride a second wave making people wait, felt awful doing that to everyone!

And that's everything I think! Just wanted to quickly wing this one out, so you know where my heads at (or not at right now!.... still digesting that news!!!)

Exciting......... xx

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