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Boris said no.....


So... I'm not allowed to re-open the studio on the 4th July... at least I get to commiserate this in the pubs that will open! Yay! But no dancing or singing... whaaaat??!!?

I will keep this short as there really isn't much to say or nothing new to update y'all with, but with regards to appointments old and new here's where I'm at:

Existing clients / Clients already booked in and waiting for a date:

You guys have been frickin' awesome! Like, seriously AWESOME xx Cannot thank you enough for your patience, support and lovely emails. You really have made this whole shit-show easier and more tolerable.

AS SOON AS I GET A SOLID DATE FOR RETURNING TO WORK, you will all hear from me, via email, with new appointment dates. There is no point in me arranging anything before that as it's just a waste of time for us all. All your deposits still stand.... even if we have to go into next year (hopefully not!). And when I can re-open I will outline the new procedures so you know what to expect for your appointment.

New clients / new appointments / those wanting to book in:

Nicola says no....


Seriously, though, I'm NOT taking on any new appointments (custom or pre-drawn) for the foreseeable future. I have a back-log of existing pre-booked clients to prioritise and get through, and I honestly have no idea how long this will take.

Please keep an eye on my web site for any updates. There's not a lot else I can say with reagrds to this - it's pretty much out of my hands at the moment. Thank you for understanding and your awesome patience too... we will get there xx

That's all folks, short and sweet.... much love from my bubble to yours xx

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