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Back in the game…

After a higgldy-piggldy start to my year, it is with pleasure to announce that I am (finally!) up and running again in the tattoo world and currently reside with the cool kids at Strangeways Tattoo, located at the bottom of Vic Hill in Swindon.

Strangeways Tattoo is Fhez and Sadee’s brand spanking new little studio venture together. It’s a real honour to be asked to work alongside this duo; I hugely admire their work, tattoo styles and just the general down-to-earth, cool vibe they both emanate… gonna be some fun times ahead xx

So what does this mean for all my lully clients old, new and maybe’s?


For clients that are in the middle of existing work and you have not heard from me in the last two weeks, please get in touch when you are ready to book in - ANYTIME! You existing clients currently take priority, so just lemme know what day/times suit you and we’ll get you all booked in xx


Well, my Custom books are still staying closed for the time being for new clients, and likely to be this way until the end of the year where i will review this decision end of November time.

However, I am taking bookings for my pre-drawn/flash designs that are available to peruse through and BOOK NOW on my website: SHOW ME YOUR DESIGNS


Strangeways does accept walk-ins, but I wont be taking any bookings this way, so you can come say hello and have a quick chat about your ideas, but my diary will stay shut and hidden and locked up in a treasure chest, in an unknown galaxy far far away.

Alternatively, you can message me through my contact page about your ideas if you are looking for a quick ‘yes/no’ as to whether your design idea is something I can do and a rough quote attached.

and…. not forgetting my beautiful Cosmetic Brow babes:

I am back open for all cosmetic tattoo appointments, please do get in touch if you are wanting your Brow top-up or you are interested in getting your new Semi Permanent brows with me - HOWEVER - Strangeways Tattoo currently has very limited privacy, so for those clients who would prefer me all to themselves, please let me know when you get in touch as i am currently arranging alternate days/location for the beauty tattoos xx

And… holy-ba-geez-balls…. Check out this other new game I’m already regretting getting back into 🙈

Buds looking suitably surprised at my new choice of hobby!!

I got this 😌 (…to be continued!!!!!!!!!!)

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