Appointment books are opening... and staying open! Oh my!

Yes, 'tis true my friends.... My Custom and Cosmetic Tattoo appointment books are opening on the 1st March 2020, and shalt not be closing! And yes, you did read that correctly... third time true... my books are staying open! No more waiting and no more making y'all wait 'till midnight to get first in line (I have no idea why I made that rule... haha.... was fun though!)

I dunno if this will work out to be good idea or not, well, it will be for you guys as you'll now know within a week of submitting your request if/and when I can tattoo you (or not!)... but for me, running a business is always a game of trial and error.... the difference this time is that I am much better at saying 'no' and not over-booking myself. I will still be keeping to my rule of not booking myself up for more than 4 months in advance, and I am limiting myself to no more than 2 bookings a week. That way I'll get back into the swing of things reaaaaallly slowly so not to send my mind, body and soul into a crushing meltdown again. Sounds like a plan.

Also, please join me in welcoming...

More good news, I now have two little darlings on board to help me out over the next few months with answering all your emails and tattoo requests. You will now get super-quick and fully informed replies from the lovely Tash 'n Carl duo...

please say hello and thank them enormously for helping me out! They both have extensive knowledge of tattoo's and the processes involved and both talented artists too, so you'll be in safer hands with them rather than mine! And it wont take them 6 months to reply to you..... awkward silence......

So, just to summarise:

  • Appointment books opening 1st March 2020.

  • Books are staying open!

  • Tash 'n Carl are helping to reply to all submissions - expect a reply within 3 days.

  • I am accepting only 1 or 2 appointments a week, therefore very limited appointment dates are limited.

  • I am taking bookings for March / April / May and June

  • I will be prioritising existing clients to finish off outstanding work - if that's you, please get in touch xx

  • I will be also take on any touch up work needed that's - please get in touch via the contact page (a small charge is now being introduced for all touch up work).

I'm gonna try and keep these posts short 'n sweet as I know I have a tendency to write essays.... Any questions about the booking process or anything else tattoo related, please do get in touch via the 'Contact' page.

And so lush to hear from you lot on my previous post. Not done a Blog thingy before so not really sure what to expect so was really surprised to see your lovely comments xx

Thank you my lovelies xx

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