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A little wait, a little while longer...

All VERY last minute my lovelies, but I wont be back open for Tattoo bookings for a little while longer yet... I'm currently in the process of moving studio's... sooooo, to all my clients old and new, I will be posting here very soon, updating you with all the exciting news and moves once all's well and confirmed.

It's currently looking like the end of May that I will open my diary up to reschedule all existing clients first. I estimate this will take me through to the end of July where I can then realistically open up my appointment books to new clients wanting my book my Pre-drawn / Mix 'n Match designs. And a little reminder - I wont be opening for Custom tattoos for 2021 (sowwy!)

In the meantime I will be keeping closed my 'Contact Me / Enquiries' page so I can use this interim time for some serious 'arting'. I've been unlearning and relearning to paint the last couple of months... a somewhat frustrating, painfully slow yet rewarding (because of the...) process, hoping to level up and settle into a style I feel I haven't quite found for myself yet. More on that imminently.

Sign up for my Blog posts?

Lastly... I'm still trying to figure out how this blog thing works that I'm using. I have two comments sections - one that you have to sign-up/login to use and the other where you don't have to. I didn't want people to have to sign-up if they didn't want to hence adding the other comments section BUT if you do sign up, then you will be notified of future blog posts... great...I think?!?!? This is where a big part of me feels all weird about that... It's the same weird with Social Media!?! Ewww... turns my tummy! I dunno why... guess I've blossomed into a right 'ol introvert hedgehoggy hermit for my maturer years.... so putting myself out there feels ...uncomfortable, egotistical, narcissistic, grandiose, megalomanical... ok, ok, ok exaggerated adjectives aside, I know I just have to get over myself... so if you do decide to sign-up, I promise I wont implode with discomfiture.

Laters my ducklings xx

PS... here's a cute picture of Buds! He thanks all the folk asking after him... he's been loving the lockdowns, don't think he wants me to go back to work xx

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