The Old Chicken Shed Studio is a Private Studio and by appointment only. Nicola is the only tattooist at the studio and likes to provide a private and welcoming setting that allows her to give her full attention to one client, therefore cannot accommodate walk-in trade.


Nicola specialises in intricate decorative-pattern-ornamental styles taking inspiration from Henna/Mehndi traditions. Her work also includes Mandalas, Floral/Nature, Polynesian, Dotwork and DISNEY!


If you would like a tattoo from Nicola there are three options:

  • Custom Tattoos: Submit your specific custom tattoo request via the online booking form. Spaces are limited and only bookable for the next 3 months ahead. All Custom tattoos are tailored to your design specifications, one-off designs, never repeated, and created in my own style of work.

  • Wannado Designs: A selection of pre-drawn tattoo designs available by Nicola. These designs are one-offs - never repeated, non-customisable - so what you see is what you get (please do not ask me to add names/D.O.B's, I'm allergic to these requests)... available for most body areas unless specifically stated. Please view the available artworks here...

  • Drop-in Flash Day: Choose from a selection of smaller/dinky designs from Nicola's  drop-in Flash Day - usually held bi-monthly on the last Saturday of the month. These designs are small (1-2hours), repeatable, customisable (within reason - open to mix 'n match), You are also welcome to pop in and visit to view available Wannado and Drop-in Flash day designs or chat about a custom tattoo - no pressure to get tattoo'ed! More details about the drop-in Flash days here...



The best tattoo work I ever get to create are the ones where I am given the most creative freedom for your request. A degree of 'letting go' and trusting your tattooist ensures the best possible work. I am very happy to work with you to create the perfect design and I am never offended if you suggest alterations to your design, however, if your vision is not combining with mine, it's not the end of the world, it just means your ideas will be better suited to another artist. This is all discussed during the booking of your tattoo, but the more free reign I have with the design the better the work will be.



I provide a sketch of your tattoo the morning of your appointment (and not any time before)... I appreciate this may sound risky, but I do provide a comprehensive consultation process to understand your full tattoo requirements. The sketches I provide are just that - sketches! I work best with a lose design, and more often than not, I freestyle most of the drawing directly onto the skin with pen, this enables the design to flow elegantly with the body shape and personality of each client. I only begin tattooing when we are both 100% happy with the design and placement.

Tattoo Aftercare

So the uncomfortable, albeit painful, tattoo artwork is now complete and you have a beautiful new tattoo - but, the tattoo process doesn't stop there! Aftercare for your tattoo is a VERY IMPORTANT stage of the tattooing process and is necessary for optimum healing. Once you leave the studio it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to care for your tattoo.

Here are some recommended guidelines on how to care for your new tattoo..... TATTOO AFTERCARE

Pricing Guide

All custom tattoo work is designed specifically to your tattoo requirements.


Hourly Rate: Β£120
Day Rate: Β£520 (4-6 hours of tattoo time)


As a rough guide, a hand sized design is typically a day session.


Please note: only the tattooing time is charged for. All design work, drawing preparations and freehand drawings are carried out in Nicola's own time therefore the cost is included in the price and reflects this commitment to you.


Deposit: Β£100 non-refundable.

Please ensure you are 100% committed before booking your tattoo. I will only allow one reschedule appointment, anything after that and a new deposit will be required.


Discounted Larger Designs:
Half sleeve: Minimum of 3 day sessions @ Β£1200

Full Sleeve: Minimum of 6 day sessions @ Β£2400

Back Piece: Minimum of 8 day sessions @ Β£3000


Larger Designs are discounted due to the number of sessions required to complete the work - to a high standard! Full sleves and Back pieces can take over a year to complete. Please ensure you are committed to completing a large scale design and have budgeted accordingly before booking.  The pricing structure for larger designs is a guideline, and the price and number of sessions will vary according to the size/complexity/detail/colour of the overall design.

As a rough guide, anything hand-size is approximately a day session.




Tattoo Aftercare

Cover Ups / Fix Up Jobs!

I currently do not offer coverup work or re-work/fix up to existing tattoos.

I prefer to work with a blank canvas and do not particularly enjoy creating 'make-do' tattoos.

If you are considering a coverup, my first recommendation would be to invest in laser removal. Some tattoos may only need lightening a few shades for me to be able to re-work a more desirable design over the top.

***Ladies with wrist tattoos: PLEASE READ***
I get requests every week for girls who want wrist tattoos to be covered or reworked. I will not consider covering any wrist tattoos unless you have had laser removal first. Most wrist tattoos are too dark and too large to create something soft/dainty/pretty on top.

Thanks for your understanding xx

Tattoo Removal

I can highly recommend a local salon who provide exemplary tattoo laser removal. LA Perfection based in Witney, Oxfordshire, have the most advanced tattoo removal system for removing all tattoo colours and are the only clinic within a 70 mile radius with a laser that can remove all tattoo colours.



Please contact Lydsey at LA Perfection for more details, or follow Lyndsey's Instagram account for the latest offers.

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