Please read the COVID rules and regulations below to help me, help you get the very best standards for your tattoo session. If you have a tattoo appointment booked in with me, please complete the COVID Aware form on this page 72 hours prior to your tattoo appointment.

Much appreciated xx

BEFORE your tattoo session:

  • If you have any Covid symptons a 72hours prior to your tattoo appointment, please get in touch to reschedule your appointment ASAP - I will carry your deposit over once.

  • Vaccinations - if you plan to have the Covid vaccination before your tattoo session, please leave at least one week before your tattoo appointment. We don't want to unessesarily overload your immune system as healing will take much longer and may affect the quality of your tattoo.

  • With regards to vaccinations, I am happy to accept those who are and those who are not vaccinated - there is no discrimantion at this studio or within my own practices - all welcome!

  • Although the studio is open to the public, please try to email me if you have any questions rather than popping in to see me!

  • Be prepared! Checklist:
    ~ Get clean - shower/de-hair area to be tattooed!
    ~ Clean clothes!
    ~ Am I feeling well? No symptoms of runny nose/headaches/sore throat

    ~ Mask (and a back up one!)
    ~ Clean your Phone/headphones/any refreshments you bring in with you
    ~ Signed this form to give me the a'OK you're all OK!

DURING you tattoo session:

  • Please turn up on time for your tattoo session. We do have a small/basic waiting area for you to come into ready for your session.

  • You must wear a mask throughout the duration of your tattoo appointment
    (I wont charge you if you need one!)

  • Sanitiser gel is supplied for your use throughout your appointment.

  • Please be mindful of Social distancing within the studio space.

  • You can use your phone/headhones during your appointment.

  • You can use the loo facilities! Just please keep it clean, tidy and wash your hands.

  • Rest assured, I only have one client in per day, so all cleaning is rigourous before and after your appointment. Common areas are routinly cleaned and sanitised.

  • For information, all PPE and tattoo suplies are single use and disposed of after each client.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept friends joining you for your tattoo session at this time.

  • Payment for your tattoo can be made via Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash (all cash goes into 'quarantine' and helps me stop spending it as soon as I receive it!)

  • If I think you have a cold/flu/covid or generally unfit/unwell to be having a tattoo I will kindly turn you away and you will lose your deposit.

​AFTER your tattoo session:

  • PLEASE: Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo!

  • Look after yourself! Sounds naff but getting a tattoo can lower your immune sysytem / spike your adrenaline and make you more susceptable to catching colds/flus and viruses! So get plenty of rest, eat well and surround yourself with good people!

  • Follow your aftercare advice - Although I will run through with you the main aftercare points after your tattoo session, I also have a pretty comprehensive Tattoo Aftercare Guidelines you can read up on here.

  • If you think you have Covid symptons within 72 hours post tattoo appointmemt, PLEASE get in touch and let me/or the studio know. We may need to go into isolation and this also helps us protect our friends/families!

  • Gimme a review on Google - I will love you forevere innit xx


Many thanks xx and any questions, please get in touch via the Contact page.