Semi Permanent Brow Tattooing

Hair stroke Brows - £300

Using a digital machine with an incredibly fine needle to implant individual hair strokes that create full and natural looking brows. 

The digital machine in comparison with the microblading technique creates a brow that lasts longer due to the vibration of the machine and consistent pigment implementation, and for this reason also has better retention on oilier skin types.

Powder Brows - £300

Increasing in popularity, the powder brow gives a softer finish and fuller colour to the brow shape. Recommended for clients that have brow hair and want a fuller and even background colour, for clients wanting corrective work or for clients who aren't fond of the hairstroke look.

Combination Brows - £300

A combination of hairstroke and powder brow techniques to create a more stronger, fuller and defined brow.

Retouch Treatment - Included

With all cosmetic tattoo treatments, a retouch appointment will be required 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure, when the skin has healed. The Retouch appointment is there to check the shape and colour of your healed brows and take care of any adjustments.

Please note: With all permanent make up treatments the colour will fade by up to 40%. (If a 3rd treatment is required, this will be at an additional £60 fee to cover additional supplies)

Brow maintenance - Colour Boost Appointments

Cosmetic tattooing the face is very different to normal tattoos. The skin on the face is generally oilier

After your initial treatment and retouch,

Within 6 months – £70

Within 12 months – £140

Within 18 months – £200

Over 18 months – FULL PRICE – Includes retouch procedure


*Colour Boost treatments from 6-18 months are a one off treatment, should you need a second treatment, this will be an additional £50.

*Colour Boost prices available to existing semi permanent clients only.


A non refundable £100 deposit will be taken upon booking to confirm your appointment date. A period of 5 days notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please note: I am usually booked up 3 months ahead, therefore there will be waiting time if you wish to rebook. I accept all major credit and debit cards.