Cosmetic Tattooing FAQs

How long does it take?
Treatment times vary depending on the procedure, and each person’s individual needs. Most treatments will take around two hours.

How long does it last?
There are many factors that affect how long a semi-permanent makeup treatment will last. Darker colours will remain visible in your skin for longer than lighter colours. Sun exposure, swimming, smoking, medications, skin rejuvenation creams and each person’s individual rate of skin exfoliation will also affect how long the treatment will last. Most people will need a retouch every 6 to 18 months for eyebrows, 12 to 36 months for lips and 12 to 36 months for eyeliner. There is a chance that pigment can stay in the skin permanently.

Does it hurt?
Numbing creams are used before and during each procedure to minimise discomfort. On a scale of 1-10 most people rate the pain as 0-3 and describe it as a scratching or tingling sensation. Lips can hurt more as they are more sensitive.

Do you remove my natural hair?
Only the hairs that fall outside of the new shape will be plucked.

Is it a tattoo?
Yes it is a tattoo, but the pigments are different to tattoo ink. They are designed to fade over time. Lyndsey uses a digital, medical grade machine, which is more precise than a regular tattoo machine.

Who can’t you treat?
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18, taking roaccutane, have a skin condition in the area to be treated, or suffer from an infectious disease then you cannot be treated.

What is the recovery time?
Most people will be quite happy to carry on with their normal routine after a treatment so there is no down- time as such but you may experience some swelling and scabbing. The full healing process takes 3 to 4 weeks for your skin to return completely back to normal. Eyes and lips can swell much more than eyebrows. Lips will look very dark initially and will noticeably scab more than eyebrows or eyeliner.

What should I expect after the treatment?
You may experience minor swelling immediately after the treatment but this should subside within 48 hours. For 3-7 days the colour will appear quite dark and exact but then as the healing layers of skin exfoliate, the colour will lighten significantly. During this time the colour can almost disappear but don’t worry this is completely normal. It is due to dead skin cells masking the pigment. After this period (3 to 4 weeks) the colour will reappear and you will see the finished result. If it is still too light then a darker colour can be chosen for your re-touch.

Is there anything that I need to do before or after the treatment?
There is nothing that you need to do before your eyebrow or eyeliner treatment but if you suffer from coldsores please obtain an oral prescription medicine like Aciclovir before having a lip treatment. For 2 weeks after you will need to avoid sunbeds, strong sunlight, swimming, saunas, steam baths, very hot showers, certain skin creams and cleansers. You will be provided with aftercare cream that will need to be applied daily.

Will eyebrow colours turn orange, blue or green?
Lyndsey uses a range of pigments called Li. They are the most popular pigments within the industry and fade out very nicely with no orange, blue or green tones.

What training have you undertaken?
Lyndsey has trained with world-renowned artists including Mary Richardson, Teryn Darling, Andrew Stassi, Tracy Fensome and many more. She also holds several skincare and laser qualifications. Each year Lyndsey continues training to keep up to date with new techniques and trends.

Are there any risks?
As with any invasive procedure there are risks to consider before going ahead with a treatment. These include infection, misplaced pigment, allergic reaction, scarring, and undesired result. Health and safety guidelines are followed strictly to minimise these risks. 

How long does Semi-Permanent make-up last?

Semi-permanent make-up is considered permanent since the implanted pigment cannot be washed off and remains perfectly applied. In time however fading will occur and some or the entire colour will need to be reapplied and a colour boost should be taken annually to keep the enhancement fresh.

Does the treatment hurt?

For most clients its fine and and I have even had people fall asleep! For others it can be a little uncomfortable depending on the individual’s pain threshold and time of the month,  However anaesthetic creams are applied prior and/or during treatment and continued throughout to keep any discomfort to a minimum. Many clients are very surprised at how little discomfort they experience.

Is Semi-Permanent make-up safe?

Yes, the strictest hygiene and sterilisation standards are followed and pre-packed, sterile needle cartridges are used for each client. No chemicals are used, only minerals and glycerine. Clients are offered an allergy test prior to treatment, though this can be waivered in the majority of cases clients with some acute or chronic medical conditions or those known to be highly allergic would need a test 24hours prior to treatment. You need to inform me of any allergies or medications you have as it could affect treatment.

Who can benefit from semi-permanent make-up?

- Anyone and everyone who desires a natural enhancement that gives freedom from the daily application of make-up.

- Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all their facial hair including eyebrows or eyelashes.

- Chemotherapy patients who may loose facial hair would benefit from semi-permanent make-up before or after treatment.

- Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up.

- People with unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up.

- Anyone of the millions of people who suffer various allergic or sensitive reactions to conventional make-up.

- Professional women and men, entertainers, media figures, models, actresses. 

- People who need to look their best all the time.

Semi-permanent make-up after care procedures

You cannot get your eyebrows wet for 7 days post treatment but You may resume most normal activities straight after treatment. There will be a slight tenderness, swelling and redness to the area which will normally cease in 24 hours. The treated area will always appear darker immediately after the treatment this will lighten and soften over the next 7 to 10 days. There may be slight flaking over the area during healing. A retouch appointment is included in the price of your initial application, This needs to be taken within 3 months and is used for any finishing touches that may be required to adjust density or colour.


Treated area will be more prominent and intense when first treated.The skin will take 5-10 days to return to normal,it is normal to loose 30% of the colour during this initial period.
Always use a sunscreen on make-up to prevent colour change and loss, you cannot get the treated area wet for 7 days post treatment and its advised to stay out of the sun or sunbeds from 2 weeks(so never book around a holiday, pool, chlorine, excessive sun exposure, etc). Wait 2-4 weeks after botox or fillers before getting Semi Permanent Makeup applied. I do not treat anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or on blood thinners , warfarin etc or has any other contra indications (please call to discuss if any medical issues apply).