How To Book Your
Custom or Cosmetic Tattoo With Nicola


Good news!! From the 1st March 2020 my
appointment books will be open permanently!

The only way of arranging a tattoo appointment with Nicola is to firstly
complete the Online Consultation Form.

This form is very comprehensive (about 5 minutes to complete) and enables
Nicola to get a very clear idea of the tattoo you desire.

Once your Online Consultation Form is submitted,
Nicola will reply within 4 weeks confirming your request.
Details of available appointment dates, 
your tattoo timings, quote and other
important information will be included.

Please take note of the following​
before submitting the form...


  • I do not do cover-ups or
    re-work existing tattoos!


  •   Nicola is usually booked up for 4-6 months ahead.
    Your patience for an appointment is very much appreciated.

  • As spaces are extremely limited Nicola prefers to take on the following designs:
    nature / floral / henna / mandala / polynesian / sacred geometry dotwork

  • If Nicola is unable to take on your tattoo request, please understand
    it is nothing personal. Decisions are based mostly on workload and
    another suitable and talented local tattooist will be recommend


  • Pre-drawn Tattoo Designs by Nicola do take priority appointments and the designs are available to book on the Tattoo Designs page.

  • Studio Open Days are available throughout the year if you prefer
    the chance to chat to Nicola in person

I would like to take this opportunity to express a big THANK YOU for your interest in my work.
To clients past, present and future - you ALL contribute to me living my best life, and this really really really means the world to me xx You all genuinely help me to develop and refine
my skills and style of art, and to continue doing what I LOVE to do!

Much Love and Gratitude xx Nic xx

The best tattoo work I ever get to create are the ones where I am given the most creative freedom for your request. I am very happy to work with you to create the perfect design and I am never offended if you suggest alterations to the design. However, if your vision is not combining with mine, it's not a problem, it may just mean your ideas are better suited to another artist. This is all discussed during the booking of your tattoo, but the more free reign I have with the design the better the work will be.

I have LOTS of clients who are not sure on what they specifically want for their tattoo but do know they just want something in my style... good news! I am very happy to accept booking submissions like this as long as you know WHERE you want the tattoo, any rough subject or theme (if you have one!), and the size and/or preferred budget.


OR... I also have a selection of pre-drawn designs that are available in various sizes/styles and suitable for most body parts. These tattoo designs are my own designs that I want to do! I will be posting the available designs, here on my website, every month - so there will be many opportunities to get ready-to-go tattoo designs created by moi throughout the year! .....and the even better'er news is there will be no waiting to book in. These designs get priority bookings and are available throughout the year xx


All designs will be posted on my website on the Tattoo Designs Page or my Instagram @nicolakingtattoo.